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FRP automatic Distribution system

FRP automatic water distributing equipment’s operational principle

Owing to the assembling of automatic water distributing equipment in the entrance of channel, the upper channel can draw water by siphon action. In winter, when it is need to stop providing water to the inner tower, switch on the electromagnetic valve in the air intake pipe, then air will enter the siphon hat, so the vacuum will be destroyed, the siphon action can’t be taken and the water flows will be disrupted. Water in the silo only can flow outside of the cooling tower from the lower sink. In other seasons, when it is necessary to resume water supply, switch off the electromagnetic valve, then by using water ejector in the lower sink and through the suction pipe assembled in the top of siphon hat, draw out the air inside so the vacuum will appear in the siphon hat. With the help of negative pressure, the water in the silo will flow into the upper sink through over-fall until it fills the siphon hat. Finally, the auto water distributing progress is finished.

Analysis of materials’ characteristic

◆Automatic water distributing equipment made of steel: When automatic water distributing equipment immersed in circular water which is often added acid, scale inhibitors, chlorine and some other things for dealing with dirt and bacteria for a long time, the parts welded of steel will be corrosion damaged.

◆Automatic water distributing equipment made of hard PVC plate: This production has a great ability to anti corrosion. However, during the welding process, PVC panels are connected only by the welding on the surface of the adjacent panels’ seams. If there is some dust or oil stain on the welded parts, the panel can’t be welded well with the welding face. This kind plastic equipment is immersed in hot water, as the water temperature changes with the season, welding seams often crack under the influence of temperature stress, so the equipment will leak air. As a result, the siphon can’t form and the water supply is disrupted. The tower’s cooling ability is affected.

◆FRP automatic water distributing equipment: As shaped in one time, so it can avoid the failure caused by air leak. This production has a sum of advantage: high strength, high rigid, temperature-changing resistant and its surface is very smooth. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, once forming FRP over-fall can bring a lot of convince to construction and benefit to the whole project.