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FRP pultruded profiles

Pultrusion FRP profiles: Increase the horizontal strength of profiles,so the FPR profiles is good at anticorrosive and anti- disintegrate. Pultrusion FRP profile is better than steel.

Pultrusion FRP handrail

Pultrusion FRP grating: Use to support the PVC fill in cooling tower

Pultrusion FRP grating: It’s tenacious, firm and light, anti corrosion and sliding, and insulating; it is of low thermal conductivity, no electrical sparkling; it has planning resistance, breakable resistance, high fatigue strength and impact strength.

Pultrusion FRP Cable tray: It is applicable to power cable, control cable, lighting cable and wire harness. Owing to its low weight, high strength, anti corrosion, great insulating, convenience to install, no maintenance requirement, low cost and long service life. It has been widely used in chemical, electrical power, metallurgy, oil refining, transport, telecommunication, medical and other fields.