Cooling Tower anti freeze and Noise Reduce Device

Noise-reducing and anti-frozen Equipment

Attribute of noise source: There are three main industrial noises: mechanical noise, aerodynamic noise and electromagnetic noise. This special noise comes from the water-collecting pool in the water-falling area of the cooling tower, because the water-drops drip on the surface of the pool continually.

The water-drops’ instantaneous speed is 7m/s—8m/s.

Noise source grade: Test the noise in the standard point -1.2m above the pool, the grade is between 78dB(A)and 86dB(A). Spectrum: spectrum is distributed mainly over high(1000Hz-16000Hz)and middle(500Hz-1000Hz), the highest value is 4000HZ.

Jintan City Plastics Works, an expert of producing cooling tower hydraulic equipment, is a manufacturer appointed by electric power system. Through dozens years’ study, we absorb much advanced experience from domestic, Germany and Japan. Based on that, we develop various new styles of environment -protecting, noise-reducing and anti-frozen equipment which are satisfied different requirement with Northeast Electric Power Design Institute and acoustics experts in universities. We enlarge this equipment’s area for absorb noise, shorten the plate breadth, then wind director is designed in a bullet-shape style, so the resistance of air intake is reduced. On the other hand, we set and assemble it equally in skew angle-line, this arrangement increases the noise refraction frequency, once the noise can be reduced 20-25dB(A). This kind of equipment has following characteristics: well-designed structure, long life and perfect efficient of reducing noise.

Thanks to the revolving structure used in the design progress, in the cold area using this equipment in the cooling towers can reach two aims: noise-reducing and anti-frozen. This invention contributes to dealing with water dropping noise and anti-frozen of large and medium-sized cooling towers. We’ve applied for seven national patents for this invention.