Wind & dust resistance wall (net)

1. SMC-Ⅱ wind & dust-resistance wall (Net) is developed by Southern Engineering Research Institute and Jintan City Plastics Works. All poly-type material is used in this production. This production has properties of anti-aging, against ultraviolet rays, high intensity and against the shock of gravel and hail; at the sane time, it has some other advantages: high fire resistance, low-weight and so on. This production can be recycled, so it won’t bring second pollution.

2. Wind & dust-resistance wall (Net)’s setting methods are divided into two kinds: main wind direction setting and yards’ circumference setting. This production can reduce the wind speed and dusting amount. The integrated dust-resistance effect reaches 65%-85%, and double-layers wind & dust-resistance wall (Net)’s effect reaches 75%-95%. For this production, low investment will bring high redound. Because this production has so many properties: technical equipment is easy to operate, using and repairing workload is low and it doesn’t cost any motive power during work. With the development of the technique, the pollution problem of various kinds of yards can be solved effectively. After setting the wall, the materials loss can be reduced at most and the seriously polluted yards can be changed to environment protecting sceneries.