Desulfurated demister

demister properties
■ High efficiency and low resistance;
■ Anti corrosion and high temperature;
■ Not easy to folding, easy to be washed and high operational stability;
■ Easy to install and change;
■ Long serving life.

Plate Demister’s Typical Application
This demister has been widely used in electricity power, environmental protection , chemical, petrol, medicine, and corrosion proof light and metallurgy industry. It is mainly used in the following aspects:
◆ Separate sulfur and entrainment from coal gas in desulfurization device;
◆ Segregate saturated steam, secondary steam and entrainment to increase quality of steam;
◆ Segregate gas and liquid of cooling tower, scrubber tower and saturation tower to ensure the running security of device in lower course;
◆ Segregate cooling drips and oil mist to protect blocking and damage of device in lower course;
◆ Recycle and clean fog drips in purification plant, recycle valued material and ensure processing index conformity;
◆ Separate oil mist from air to avoid damaging activator;
◆ Reduce pollution to protect environment.